Predigten, Orgel- und andere Musik, Scuntrada, Engiadina, ma chara val

Signature: 11.5.1990
Internal ID: ID-2007624
Provenience: Stoffel, Clara, Samedan
Date of receipt: May 11, 1990
Ownership: Nachlass
Place of origin: Engadin, Welt
Period of setting: um 1987
Location of setting: Engadin, Welt
Document types: Objects
Topics: Everyday life, Music/Theatre, Theology
Technic/material: Tonbandkassetten (2 unbespielt) in Holzschachtel
Quantity: 12 Ex.
Dimension: 25x7 cm
Storage location: Depot 2, 10b (Schachtel 9)

Collection of this Item: