Sandmann-Zyklus, zwei Holzblöcke, Briefe, Fotos

Schenkung Dr. Silvia Gredig, Borgonovo/Davos. Schachtel 8, F6, Filmnummer 4 und 5
Signature: 4.9.1991
Internal ID: ID-100940
Provenience: Michel, Elvezia, Borgonovo
Date of receipt: Sept. 4, 1991
Ownership: Nachlass
Originator: MICHEL Elvezia
Place of origin: Frankreich, England, Bergell
Period of setting: 1900 bis 1915
Location of setting: Frankreich, England, Bergell
Document types: Drafts/Drawing, Letters, Objects, Photos
Topics: Persons, Science
Technic/material: Papier, Holz
Quantity: ca. 30 Ex.
Dimension: diverse Formate
Storage location: Depot 3, 26b

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