Puschlav (Bündten.) / Bains de Le Prese. Bad Le Prese.

Signature: 16.12.2009
Internal ID: ID-2002042
Provenience: Flück, Paul, Pontresina
Date of receipt: Dec. 16, 2009
Ownership: Nachlass
Originator: ROHBOCK L., KURZ G. M., MÜLLER Fr.,
Place of origin: Basel, Verlag v. Chr. Krüsi; Darmstadt, Druck & Verlag von G. G. Lange
Period of setting: um 1860
Location of setting: Puschlav,
Document types: Reproductionen
Topics: Architectur, Everyday life, Geography, History, Persons, Topography, Transport
Technic/material: Stiche, Drucke
Quantity: 8 Ex.
Dimension: 11,8x17,7 cm, 11x16,5 cm
Storage location: Depot 9 (Kuvert 14)

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