Grand-Hotel Kronenhof-Bellavista Pontresina

Bildlegende: Ice Gymkhana. Special care is given to all Sports.
Le Grand Hotel Kronenhof-Bellavista Booklet
L. Gredig Propr., Samedan und St. Moritz
Signature: 9.3.2010
Internal ID: ID-2000947
Provenience: Hotel-Dokumentation
Date of receipt: March 9, 2010
Ownership: Schenkung
Period of setting: um 1905
Location of setting: Pontresina, Oberengadin
Document types: Prospects
Topics: Architectur, Economy, Geography, Sport, Tourism
Technic/material: Prospekt
Quantity: 3 Ex.
Storage location: Depot 1, 1g (Hotel-Dokumentation)

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