Engadin, Gemeinde St. Moritz, Übersichtsplan zur Cataster & Waldvermessung ausgeführt in den Jahren 1879-1891 von R. Wildberger, Ing.

Signature: 8.1.1996
Internal ID: ID-2000687
Provenience: Spargnapani, Augosto, Celerina
Date of receipt: Jan. 8, 1996
Ownership: Nachlass
Period of setting: 1879-1891
Location of setting: St. Moritz, Oberengadin
Document types: Manuscripts, Other, Plans
Topics: Geography, Topography
Technic/material: Plan, 1:25'000
Quantity: 1 Ex.
Dimension: 75x102 cm
Storage location: Depot 2, 9a

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