Lawinenverbauung in Lü

Heliographien 1:2'000 u. a.
Signature: 11.4.2023
Internal ID: ID-4222802
Provenience: Campell-Biveroni, Eduard und Clara, Bever
Date of receipt: April 11, 2023
Ownership: Nachlass
Originator: Joos G.
Place of origin: Davos u. a.
Period of setting: 1958
Location of setting: Lü im Münstertal
Document types: Plans
Topics: Technik
Technic/material: Heliographien
Quantity: 4 Ex.
Dimension: 76x61 cm–108x80 cm
Storage location: Depot 13 (Mappe 10)

Collection of this Item: