Fotoabzüge Engadin - V Sommer Winter Gross Gemischt Cresta

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Smart and see the english speed skaters framming on the st moritz lake december 1890. Competitors skating the st moritz test. Combined figure st moritz. Kulm rink piz margna. Lake Run on Kulm St Moritz. The Cresta Run. Curling rink during a match. The curling rink during match. Snow and tree studies near st moritz. Beim innfall. St Moritz. Bernina by the Scharte. Cambrena Palü from Pizzo Bianco. Diavolezza Cambrena from Pizzo Bianco. Bernina Scharte from Pizzo Bianco. In Badrutts Park. J Gross of Pontresina. Cresta road. By the inn falls. Gorge st moritz. Cresta road. Snow and tree studies near St Moritz. Frozen lake of champfer. Champfer Lake. St Moritz lake. Curling at st moritz. The Cresta Run. Double Run at St Moritz. Cresta Road Bob Race. Cloud studies on the Lake of Como Looking towards Varenna. From Bellagio. Cloud studies on the Lake of Como at Varenna. Menaggio. Hoar frost near st moritz bad. Near st moritz bad. Above the inn falls st moritz. Looking down the gorge of the inn st moritz. Winter Landschaft. Hoarfrost st moritz. Gorge of the inn st moritz. Early morning st moritz. Bridge near the inn falls st moritz. Bridge by the inn falls st moritz hotel Waldhaus. A lady skating the men’s test Miss K Wilson. Kulm. St Moritz skating rink. On the tree leap and top of Church leap. The Cresta Run. The Cresta Run church gully. Village Run. Tiefencastel. Entrance hall Kulm Hotel St Moritz. Near the unter alpina. Lake of Sils Engadine. St moritz dorf from the high road to champfer. Julier from near Unter Alpina.
Signature: 15.8.1994
Internal ID: ID-4219561
Provenience: Main, Elizabeth, London
Date of receipt: Aug. 15, 1994
Ownership: Nachlass
Originator: Elizabeth Main
Period of setting: 1880 - 1900
Location of setting: Ober- und Unterengadin
Document types: Photos
Topics: Architectur, Everyday life, Geography, History, Persons, Science, Tourism, Transport
Technic/material: Albuminpapier
Quantity: 84
Dimension: 97x73mm, 117x178mm, 175x110mm, 230x180mm
Storage location: Büro 7a (Schachtel Elizabeth Main Photographs / Digital)

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