Weltmeister-Ringer Johann Lemm

Schenkung Frau Oschwald-Tach
Signature: 6.3.2003
Internal ID: ID-103217
Provenience: Tach, Simon, Bever
Date of receipt: March 6, 2003
Ownership: Nachlass
Place of origin: Davos, Chur
Period of setting: 1909-1911
Location of setting: Davos, London
Document types: Newspaper/Magazines, Photos, Postcards
Topics: Persons, Sport
Technic/material: Zeitungsartikel, Postkarten, Fotos
Quantity: 4 Ex., 6 Ex., 2 Ex.
Dimension: 14x9 cm, 21x15,5 cm
Storage location: Depot 1, 1o (Schachtel 9)

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