Entwicklung und Schutz der Oberengadiner Seenlandschaft

Herausgeber: Verein ESOS, 2017
Signature: 12.8.1988
Internal ID: ID-4213208
Provenience: Belegexemplare Kulturarchiv Oberengadin
Date of receipt: Dec. 8, 2017
Ownership: Schenkung
Originator: BUNDI Erwin
Period of setting: 1900-2017
Location of setting: Engadin
Document types: Book
Topics: Architectur, Geography, History, Legislation, Persons, Science, Topography, Tourism, Transport
Technic/material: Buch
Quantity: 1 Buch
Dimension: 30 x 21 cm
Storage location: Büro 4a

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