Kirche Sta. Maria, Pontresina

Signature: 12.1.1995
Internal ID: ID-102752
Provenience: Müller, Hans, Dr., Pontresina
Date of receipt: Aug. 28, 1997
Ownership: Schenkung
Originator: FLURY
Place of origin: Pontresina, Verlag Foto Flury
Period of setting: 1200-1300, 1400-1500
Location of setting: Pontresina
Document types: Postcards
Topics: Archaeology, Architectur, Art
Technic/material: Buch
Quantity: 14 Ex.
Dimension: 10,5x14,5 cm
Storage location: Depot 1, 5e (Schachtel 3)

Collection of this Item: