Koffergrammophon Columbia und Schellackplatten

Koffergrammophon (Vorgänger Plattenspieler) der Marke Columbia, um 1930.
Und ca. 70 Schellackplatten
Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra
Budapest String Quartet
Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of New York
Chanson Grivoise u.a.
Signature: 4.1.2018
Internal ID: ID-4208537
Provenience: Frizzoni, Familie, Celerina
Date of receipt: Jan. 4, 2018
Ownership: Nachlass
Originator: Columbia Gratonola
Period of setting: um 1930
Document types: Objects
Topics: Music/Theatre
Technic/material: Grammophon Schellackplatten
Quantity: 1
Dimension: 15x30x42 cm
Storage location: Depot 10, 2n

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