Diverse Bücher Brauereitechnik Deutsch und Englisch

Verschiedene Bücher über Brauereitechnik, Biochemistry, Insects pests and fungus diseases, Guide to modern brewery, Biological and chemical technology, Brauerei Maschinen, u.a.
Signature: 11.6.2008
Internal ID: ID-3001821
Provenience: Späth, Gino, Celerina
Date of receipt: June 11, 2008
Ownership: Schenkung
Originator: Diverse
Place of origin: Celerina
Place of publication: Celerina
Period of setting: 1889 - 1960
Location of setting: Celerina
Document types: Book
Topics: History, Literature, Science, Technik
Technic/material: Papier
Quantity: 30 Ex.
Storage location: Depot 7, 3b

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