Zeitungen, "Das Buch für Alle", Engadiner Post 1915-1916

Signature: 16.10.1996
Internal ID: ID-2010135
Provenience: Fried, Olga und Paul, Bever
Date of receipt: Oct. 9, 1997
Ownership: Schenkung
Period of setting: ca. 1900-1915
Location of setting: Europa
Document types: Newspaper/Magazines, Publications, Reproductionen
Topics: Archaeology, Architectur, Art, Economy, Everyday life, Geography, History, Literature, Other, Persons, Sport, Technik, Topography, Tourism, Trade, Transport
Technic/material: Druck auf Papier
Quantity: ca. 200 Ex.
Dimension: ca. 40x60 cm
Storage location: Depot 10, 27c

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