Flugaufnahme Bever (Isellas) La Punt-Chamues-ch (Campesch)

Aufnahme 1:2000 vom 4.6.1984
Signature: 16.10.1996
Internal ID: ID-2009207
Provenience: Fried, Olga und Paul, Bever
Date of receipt: Oct. 9, 1997
Ownership: Schenkung
Originator: i. A. STIEGER A. Ing.
Place of origin: Chur
Period of setting: 1984
Location of setting: Bever-La Punt-Chamues-ch
Document types: Photos, Plans
Topics: Topography
Technic/material: Heliographie
Quantity: 1 Ex.
Dimension: 70x100 cm
Storage location: Depot 1, 1c (Rolle 11)

Collection of this Item: