Hestekjøretøy / Horse-drawn Carriages

Med hjul og meier pa norske veier / On wheels and runners across Norway
Signature: 20.7.1993
Internal ID: ID-2005344
Provenience: Jaecklin-Pedretti, Ladina, Ennetbaden
Date of receipt: June 20, 2003
Ownership: Schenkung
Originator: OLSEN Svein Magne
Place of origin: Oslo
Period of setting: 500 v. Chr.-2000
Location of setting: Norwegen
Document types: Book
Topics: Art, Economy, Everyday life, Geography, History, Persons, Sport, Technik, Theology, Transport
Technic/material: Buch
Quantity: 1 Ex.
Dimension: 23x29 cm
Storage location: Depot 10, 28

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